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On the auspicious day of 17th August 2010 (Late) Janab: V.K MOIDU HAJI inaugurated Malabar College of Arts and Science headed by Mr.T.K. Aburahiman. This college is affiliated to University of Calicut and approved by the Government of Kerala & situated in Hill Bazar,Koyilandy. Malabar College of Arts and Science established in 2010.The College has maintained multifaceted excellence by virtue of it various departments headed by Mr.T.K. Aburahiman the principal of the college. Regarding teaching team, it is sensible to the changes and innovative to the core and hence students get perfect exposure to the theoretical and practical aspects of learning college is active in the sense that it touches both the academic and non academic aspect of the curriculum.


Our mission is to equip the youth of the Kozhikode district and the neighborhood with quality as well as career oriented education with high ethical values and enabling them to achieve their potential and creative abilities and becoming responsible and productive member of society.


Our vision is to help the students in pursuing their educational and career goals and to develop skills to attain intellectual and personal growth as well to make them competitive to face the challenges and meet the opportunities with confidence.


Malabar Educational Trust is registered one bearing document No.184 of 1994 at Kozhikode sub-register office Mr.V.K Moidu Haji and Mr. P.K Ahammed.

The Settlers are desirous of founding a Public Charitable Trust, having the purpose of various academic Institutions for the welfare of the society. Besides the settlers there is a board of trustees also. They have given their consent to be appointed as trustees and work as per the ideology of the registered educational trust.


  • To work for the Educational, cultural, social and Economic advancement of the people of India.
  • To establish and run Educational Institutions of all kinds at all levels in all subjects.
  • To establish and run Social Service Institutions such as Orphanages, Health Clinics,Hospitals,Destitute Home, Adult Education Centres,Youth Hostels, Community Centers, Libraries, Recreation Centers ,etc for ameliorating the conditions of needy sections of the community.
  • To promote and establish Industries, production units and service centers with a view to improve the employment opportunities of the rural population without profit motive.
  • To establish research centers on science technology, Education and Religion.
  • To establish and run rehabilitation centers for the handicapped
  • To promote co-operative venture, literary activities, Sports and Games, Literacy Programs and other humanitarian project.
  • To promote and run interest free-banking, to promote and organize dowry-free marriage and to establish and run institution and project for the benefit of women and children.
  • To help and assist all efforts to protect and safeguard the constitutional and legal rights of the religious and linguistic minorities.
  • To under any other activity of a charitable nature as the trustees may consider fit from time to time.