Emails and Emerging trends in IT Field-Quiz Competition

The Department of Computer Science of Malabar College Of Arts and Science , Moodadi
organized an inter department quiz competition on 19/06/2024 at 02:30 pm on the basis of the
topic “ Emails and Emerging trends in IT Field”. The quiz was conducted to assess the
knowledge of participants on the topics of emails and emerging trends in the IT field. The quiz
consisted of multiple-choice questions designed to measure the understanding and awareness in
these areas.
Quiz program was conducted in three rounds and 18 participants were organized into 9 groups, with
each group comprising Two members. Participants included individuals with varying levels of
expertise in IT and email technologies
The Winners of the program are Fathima Dhiya and Muhammed Niyad T P(3 Semester
BCA) and runners up are Nidha A.P and Adithlal (3 semester BA LL). All necessary
arrangements regarding logistics, security, and discipline were took care to ensure
the smooth functioning of the program.