Orientation Program for Final Year B.com & BBA Students

The college orientation program for Fifth Semester BCom, BBA students was
conducted on 11/06/2024 at the Seminar hall, Malabar College of Arts and
Science, Moodadi with the aim of preparing them for their academic and
personal growth in their academic career.
The program began with the welcome address delivered by Mrs. Shahira M.K, Vice
principal, Malabar College of Arts and Science, Moodadi, emphasizing the
significance of higher education and introducing students to the
mission, values and academics expectations of the college.
Dr. K.M Naseer, the principal of Malabar college of Arts and Science, Moodadi, took
the stage to provide a comprehensive overview of the college’s ethos,
expectations and opportunities. His speech covered several key areas

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Mentoring System
  • New Academic Plans
  • Address Students Concerns
  • Outline upcoming events and initiatives

Ms. Anupama Jayan, the Head of the PG Department of Commerce, concluded
the orientation with a heartfelt vote of thanks. She expressed her gratitude to the
principal and vice principal for their insight speech and guidance. Ms.
Anupama Jayan thanked the faculty, staff and students for their participation and
attention. She also acknowledged the efforts of everyone involved in organizing
the orientation.
This orientation was designed to give students a comprehensive understanding
of the expectations, resources, and opportunities of the college, ensuring they feel
welcomed and supported as they start the new academic year.