Orientation Program for Final Year BCA/BSc.CS/BSc.FT/BA FE/BA L&L Students

The Respected principal conducted the first formal get together with the Final year Students of BCA/BSc.CS/BSc.FT/BA FE and BA L&L with vice principal and their teachers .The meeting was conducted in the seminar hall on 11/06/2024 and commenced at 11.45 am with the welcome address of vice principal Mrs.Shahira.M.K. She remarked about the Changes which are going to be implemented in the new academic year like LMS,Mentoring that articulated the significance of advancement in the educational system in today’s competitive world.
The Principal initiated his oration by recalling Jawaharlal Nehru’s famous speech “Tryst with Destiny
“ and Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad ,who built the foundation for higher education in India. He talked about the people who achieved great things in life from failure.He proceeded his speech reminding the importance of self motivation and self confidence for personal growth and how self confidence empowers an individual to become successful in life. He adviced that it is not about the marks one gets that matters it doesn’t define a person in achieving their goals.He also told that ,setting high goals like studying in the best university of the world should be a student’s dream and shared some of his personal experiences. He added that a college should guide their students to develop their skills to attain their future goals .More than an introduction the session was a motivational one…
The meeting concluded at 12:30 pm with a vote of thanks by Mrs.Priyanka KP (HOD , department of computer science).